Eos Systems has leading advanced technologies that are used in our core products and are also available for licensing commercially. Here are some of the most significant ones.

Bundle Adjustment
The core of any good photogrammetry package is a powerful bundle adjustment algorithm. A bundle adjustment is a complex algorithm that optimizes all the data presented (camera information, user and system photo markings, etc) to indicate the best positions and angles of the camera at time of exposure, and the positions of the 3D data points.

Eos’ Bundle Adjustment provides camera self-calibration and full error propagation. The first stage of our Bundle provides automated relative and absolute camera orientation. Our Bundle Adjustment algorithm and code are clearly among the most advanced of their kind in the world available commercially for convergent close-range photogrammetric work.

Single Photo Algorithms
Certain types of information can be extracted from single photographs. The process either involves Bundle Adjustment (when known “control points” are used) or a brand new algorithm using constraints which makes possible 3D modeling of man-made structures (such as buildings) from a single photograph.

NURBS Curve Modeling
Traditionally much of photogrammetry has involved measuring and modeling of points and straight lines. Eos has developed the world’s first commercial method for extracting Non-Uniform Rational Bezier Splines (the most powerful form of curve descriptor) from photographic data.

High Accuracy Target Measurement
When high accuracy is required in photogrammetric measurement, the marking of points on photographs must be taken out of the user’s hands and be done by a precise and consistent algorithm. Eos has in its toolbox several different techniques to get sub-pixel precision on circular and triangular targets.

Automated Marking and Matching
Certain modeling jobs require a large number of points to be marked, a process which is time consuming if the marks have to be made on the photographs manually, and which also makes performing complex surface measurement tasks less amenable to the photogrammetric method. Eos powerful algorithms can find, extract and mark dense grids of targets and then automatically reference/match these across photographs. Complex surface measurements with dense point grids are now efficient and practical!

Perspective Matching
Today’s filmmakers (and tomorrow’s home and business video producers) are increasingly combining computer graphics and live shot scenes. It is seldom that a blockbuster movie will not have some computer graphic manipulation or addition. Combining 3D computer graphics and live-action film and video requires accurate locating of the position of the movie camera at each frame so the computer graphic images can be rendered from the same viewpoint. This process is called Perspective Matching. Perspective Matching is also used in other fields, such as forensic investigation, to determine points of view. PhotoModeler’s Inverse Camera process, along with its powerful Bundle Adjustment, provides this perspective matching ability.

Photo-texture and Rectified Photography Creation
The public is requiring more and more realism from computer generated scenes. This includes looking at computer models when shopping on the web, when viewing architectural site plans, or when watching a modern movie. One way to achieve high realism in 3D computer models is to use photographs to apply textures to the models. The resulting models then themselves look just like photographs, but can be manipulated in normal 3D computer graphic ways.

User-centered Program and User Interface Design
Real products are made up of more than advanced and complex technologies. Design capabilities often overlooked are user-interface and program flow design. Technologies have to be presented in an easy-to-use, consistent and flexible manner in a well-accepted operating system. PhotoModeler is proof that Eos is able to produce excellent software programs and user-interfaces giving the user easy access to these advanced technologies.

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