At Eos we feel there are now great opportunities to take advantage of the advancements in computer vision, image processing and photogrammetry. The market is constantly moving forward in its requirements for greater accuracy, realism and efficiency. With our technologies and capabilities, Eos Systems is always looking for aggressive Partners with solutions focus and expertise in:

  • 3D computer graphics

  • Measurement or surveying

  • Image processing or computer vision

  • Specialized vertical niche software

Our goal is to deliver a mutually beneficial partnership that recognizes the key strengths of an organizationís value, and extend its competitiveness in the todayís marketplace.

Our advanced 3D measuring and modeling technology is designed to be quickly integrated in many vertical industries including:

  • Architectural modeling

  • Civil engineering surveying

  • Forensic analysis

  • Incident management

  • Industrial measurement

  • Film and video production

  • Product modeling and presentation

We will consider any opportunity that pairs our technical capability with proven marketing and sales channels, including business mergers and technology transfers. If your company is researching "best of breed" technologies in any of these markets, we encourage you to contact us for more details.